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A tag to insert a code selector widget

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Monday, 11. October 2021 — 14:36 | by Admin in Jekyll
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This is a simple Liquid tag that inserts a code selector widget. When clicking on it, the code in the following highlight block will be selected. This tag must be put immediately before the highlight tag.


Example for an advanced Liquid tag for fancybox images

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Sunday, 10. October 2021 — 20:10 | by Admin in Jekyll
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Jekyll Logo

An advanced liquid tag for embedding images with jquery fancybox in Jekyll.


Example for custom Liquid tags for Jekyll

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Friday, 08. October 2021 — 17:51 | by Admin in Jekyll
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Jekyll Logo

Create a (very) simple Ruby plugin that implements a custom Liquid template tag for a Jekyll site.


Control jemoji plugin with front matter variable

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Friday, 08. October 2021 — 04:46 | by Admin in Jekyll

Use a front matter variable to control the jemoji plugin in Jekyll. This allows to disable emjoi parsing for a single page.


Der Bastinator

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Thursday, 07. October 2021 — 21:53 | by Admin in Fun

Der Bastinator kommt und wer es wagt ihn anzupatzen, der wird nichts mehr zu lachen haben auf dieser Welt :smile:

fun memes german kurz

Wer den Schaden hat...

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Wednesday, 06. October 2021 — 19:52 | by Admin in Fun

Sebastian Kurz hat aktuell einige Problemchen, aber es gilt die Unschuldsvermutung :angel:

memes fun kurz


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Sunday, 19. September 2021 — 13:17 | by Admin in Fun

Mehr dumme Bildchen ;)

memes fun


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Sunday, 12. September 2021 — 21:37 | by Admin in Fun

Finanzminister ohne laptop

memes fun german


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Sunday, 12. September 2021 — 01:56 | by Admin in Fun

Startvorbereitungen einer österreichischen Interkontinentalfichte

memes fun german

Ponies are for pussies

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Thursday, 02. September 2021 — 01:25 | by Admin in Fun

Ponies are for pussies.

memes fun