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Force-Quit function

Author: Alex
Title: Neovim Force Quit function
Language: en-US
Number of words: 80
Created: 11:04 on Thursday, 29. December 2022
Modified: 11:04 on Thursday, 29. December 2022
Keywords: neovim, lua

A small function to force-quit neovim. Will check for modified buffers and, if any are found, present the user a choice to save or discard all modified files. The script works best with the Dressing Plugin.

Tags: neovim
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11:04 on Thursday, 29. December 2022 | by Alex in Neovim

Table of Contents 

A small function to quit Neovim, checking for modified buffers and presenting a choice how to handle them. Basically a Save/Discard/Cancel thing with a neat UI when the Dressing Plugin is installed.

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