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subspace (/ˈsʌbspɛɪs/)
A Jekyll playground site


Jekyll Logo

There are a few major topics on this site and some pages that do not fit into any of these categories. First, there are some topics and resources about Jekyll,the static site generator that powers this site and that I’ve used i number of other projects.

Neovim logo

Second, there is some stuff about Neovim, my favorite Text Editor. Right now, it’s empty because I am in the process of switching from Vim to Neovim and re-doing almost everything from scratch.

My Neovim dotfiles are hosted on GitLab.

Sublime Text logo

Third, there is some stuff about Sublime Text, a Text Editor for everything that doesn’t need a bloated IDE or something like that. This section is currently almost empty, I’m transferring some old content from another site, but that needs rewriting the articles.


And finally, we have a couple of more or less funny crap here. Be warned though, some is in German language and refers to more or less local politics, so not everyone might understand it.

Nim Logo

And last but not least, there is a section about the Nim programming language here. It’s basically a cheat sheet I have created while learning the language. This section is very much work in progress and content is still sparse.