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Hunde weg sperren

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Tuesday, 03. August 2021 — 15:49 | by Admin in Fun

Manche Kinder mögen leider keine Hunde

fun memes german


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Saturday, 25. April 2020 — 18:54 | by Admin in Fun

Dinge, die in einem :smile: Leopardenfell gut ausssehen.

fun memes german

The Foreigner's travel guide to Texas

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Monday, 28. May 2018 — 07:00 | by Alex in Fun
Texas Logo
Texas Logo

Some say, Texas is different from many other U.S. states. Maybe it is, maybe not, this is an old text that circulated the net long before memes came into existence and tries to teach you some of the rules you should not violate when visiting Texas.

Should not be taken entirely serious. I’ve been visiting Texas a couple of times and never got my ass kicked :)


Site FAQ

Last modified: , 569 Words
Saturday, 16. September 2017 — 14:05 | by Alex Vie

A FAQ. Sort of. Covers some of the technical details.


No love for vegetarian food

Last modified: , 250 Words
Friday, 08. September 2017 — 16:59 | by Alex in Fun

Vegetarian food left over in a super market in Texas in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.

fun memes

When the Aliens land...

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Tuesday, 17. May 2011 — 06:53 | by Alex in Fun

There is always a reason to watch your weight. This is a special one.

fun memes

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