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subspace (/ˈsʌbspɛɪs/)
A Jekyll playground site

Privacy Statement for

This covers questions regarding privacy for this site.

Last modified: Thursday, 02. September 2021 — 02:07

Purpose of this site

This is a personal and 100% non-commercial web site operated by a single individual for entertainment and personal use only. There are no commercial interests behind this site and all standard disclaimers apply. This site does not serve ads or track users in any form and does not generate financial revenue.

This site does not use any external web services by commercial entities1. It may or may not be indexed by Google or other search providers, but I do not actively pursue this. This site also does not use commercial web analytics services like Google Analytics.

Location and hosting of this web site.

This site is hosted in the European Union, thus GDPR regulations apply. It is, together with the comment and analytics systems (see below), hosted on a single server at a local hosting provider. No content delivery networks or other external services are in use. The site is built with a static page generator, so what you see are simple HTML pages with some CSS and JavaScript. No dynamic content, no user accounts, no tracking, no database. Every single visitor using a supported browser2 will see exactly the same pages.

Data collection

Absolutely no personal data is collected, processed or otherwise used by this web site, except your public IP address which will be logged on every access. The log files are kept for informational purpose no longer than 2 weeks.


This site is using a few cookies for improving user experience. One is set when you accept the cookie notice as a first-time visitor (the green box on top of the page). Its purpose is to remember you’ve already seen this notice, so it won’t show up again. The other Cookie is used to store a few user preferences. For example, you can opt-in to hide certain notices and your choice will be saved to this Cookie.

The comments system (see below) uses a few more cookies to save your preferences. None of them are shared with third parties.

Ads or other ways to monetize the site

In a few words. None. Zero. Zilch. This is a hobby project, I have no interest nor need to make money off it. No Ads, no tracking, no affiliate links.

Comments System

Some pages allow visitors to post comments. The software that handles comments is OpenSource and you can find more Information about it here. This commenting platform has been designed with a „privacy-first” approach in mind. It does neither collect nor share any personal information and allows a visitor to submit comments without providing personal information. Again, please note that your public IP address is logged by the web server software. The commenting software is hosted locally on the same server and does not utilize external services.

Web analytics

This site utilizes Open Web Analytics (OWA) for collecting statistics. The OWA instance is hosted locally on the same server and data is not shared to anyone. For this site, the OWA instance collects only basic visitor statistics to give the site owner some overview. Advanced features like DOM tracking are disabled in OWA.

  1. Note that some pages may embed external content from sites like YouTube or Twitter. In such a case your browser may initiate connections to these external sites. 

  2. As of 2021, all modern desktop and mobile browsers not older than 2-3 years can be considered ‹supported›