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C interoperability

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Title: Nim playground, C interoperability
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Created: 10:39 on Thursday, 16. June 2022
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Technically, Nim is a transpiled language. It uses C as intermediate language and „under the hood” it has a lot of things common with C. Interfacing with existing C code is therefore relatively easy and makes Nim an excellent choice for system programming.

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This is particularly easy in Nim, because Nim first transpiles to C and is then compiled by the C compiler of choice. It’s therefore quite easy to import from C libraries.

Code: (click to select all)
proc printf*(format: cstring): cint {.importc, header: "<stdio.h>", varargs.}
proc fprintf*(stream: File, format: cstring): cint {.importc, header: "<stdio.h>".}
proc sprintf*(str: cstring, format: cstring): cint {.header: "<stdio.h>", importc: "sprintf", varargs.}
proc snprintf*(str: cstring, len: int, format: cstring): cint {.header: "<stdio.h>", importc: "snprintf", varargs.}

Here, we import a couple of known C functions from the C standard library.