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Favorite folders for Neovim

Author: Alex Vie
Title: Simple favorite folders feature for Nvim using Telescope and Neotree
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Created: 16:43 on Friday, 30. December 2022
Modified: 16:43 on Friday, 30. December 2022
Keywords: neovim, lua

This is a simple way to implement favorite folders in Neovim. It makes use of the Telescope plugin and Neotree. Favorites are stored in a simple text file and presented with a fuzzy-searchable Telescope picker.

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16:43 on Friday, 30. December 2022 | by Alex Vie in neovim

One feature I was missing from the old NERDTree plugin was the ability to quickly define favorite folders. Since neither Neotree nor Nvim-Tree offer such a feature, I decided to add it my own. After all, it’s easily doable with only a few dozen lines of code, because the majority of the required functionality is provided by plugins.

Neotree can be passed a dir parameter to change its current folder. So, basically, when you type Neotree dir = /home/foobar on the command line, the file-tree will change to this folder.


  • Neovim 0.8 or later
  • The Telescope plugin and all its requirements.
  • The Neotree plugin, otherwise the favorites folder feature would not make much sense at all.


Create your favorites as simple text file and save it to your Neovim configuration folder under the name favs (where init.vim is normally located. The file is a simple format, one line per favorite and must look like

My Projects|~/Projects

Executing the lua function Neofavs() will create a telescope picker with your favorites. Selecting one will open the folder in Neotree. It’s best to bind the function to some key.


This is hosted as a GitLab snippet. You can put this in your init.lua or somewhere else and require it in init.