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Vlad - a dark theme for Sublime Text 4, inspired by Dracula.

Author: Admin
Title: Vlad Theme and Color Scheme for Sublime Text 4
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Category: Sublime
Created: 06:39 on Saturday, 06. November 2021
Modified: 06:39 on Saturday, 06. November 2021
Keywords: sublimetext, sublime, theme, color scheme, vlad

A dark UI Theme and matching color scheme for Sublime Text 4. It is inspired by the well-known Darcula Theme, but is different enough to give it a try.

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06:39 on Saturday, 06. November 2021 | by Admin in Sublime

This is my take on the popular Dracula theme for Sublime Text 4. While it is similar, it differs quite a bit from the original and this is intentional. This is a complete solution - a color scheme for the editor plus an UI theme, based on the Default Sublime Text 4 dark theme. It’s been tested under Sublime Text 4 (up to build 4121) on Linux, but should work on macOS and Windows.

Syntax scopes are optimized for C++, Python, Markdown, JavaScript, CSS and HTML, but basically, the color scheme works with all languages as it is based on a popular scheme (Dracula).

The theme is optimized for the rounded tab style, but works fine with the squared style.

A screenshot says more than words

Sublime Text 4 Theme.


The attached file contains a folder with the name Vlad that contains both the Vlad.sublime-color-scheme and Vlad.sublime-theme files. Just unpack the folder into your Packages folder. You can find it by visiting Preferences⟶Browse packages... which opens your local package installation folder.

Download The Vlad theme and matching color scheme  
Filename: vlad-theme-full.rar
Full path: /assets/files/sublime/vlad-theme-full.rar
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Description: The Vlad theme and matching color scheme